Leadership Philosophy

Leadership in schools must be focused on the continuous improvement of instruction including the implementation of effective interventions to help all students succeed. Through innovation and imagination our schools can meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

Speaker/Presenter Experience

Presenter at the Northeast Association of School Business Officers annual conference in Sturbridge, MA, Summer 2012
“Effective Leadership for Technology Implementation”


Presenter at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) annual conference in Chicago, IL, March 2013
“Not Whether But When: Moving Your School Toward Meaningful Technology Integration”


Presenter at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) annual conference in Philadelphia, PA July 2015
“Framing Innovation: How do Superintendents Gain Acceptance for Large-Scale technology Initiatives?”


Presenter at Leading Future Learning 2016 – EdTechTeacher & MassCUE in Worcester, MA March 2016
“Connecting an Island School to the World – The Use of Social Media for Both PR & PD on Nantucket”

Related Experience

Attended, participated, and presented at EdCamp Boston. EdCamp is a format for professional development. It is a conference where the participants at the conference develop the agenda for breakout sessions on site, in real time. On Nantucket, developed an EdCamp experience for the entire district, as well as multiple EdCamp workshops for the middle school.


The Nantucket Project
Serving as a founding member of the TNP Alumni Circle. Helped to organize TNP Winter Edition events that brought speakers and entertainers to the island for the purpose of inspiring islanders and facilitating discussion. Participated as a TNP attendee, fellow, and scholar.


College Board Chinese Bridge
Traveled to Beijing and the Shandong Province in China as a member of the 2015 Chinese Bridge Delegation. The program is intended to strengthen existing Chinese language programs and form partnerships with schools in China. Our Mandarin Chinese language program at CPS has expanded, as a result of this experience.